Zero-Knowledge Move Language Virtual Machine. As a new generation of programming language for smart contract, Move ensures programming safety using its type checking, borrow checking and ownership mechanism. zkMove VM is fully compatible with Move and is the only zkVM with runtime type-safety!

zkMove supports Txn-level concurrent proving for low latency. It also supports client-side proving to naturally preserve user privacy.

zkMove Trustless Computing Service (aka Agger). A trustless computing service designed to extend the feature set of the blockchain. It enables Dapps to access on-chain historical data in a trust-free manner, to access any external data with minimal trust, and allows arbitrary computations to be performed on the data.

It also enables developers to create customized ZK applications using the Move language, integrate them with other ZK modules, and easily deploy them onto chains.

  • zkMove at a Glance

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    With the boom of Defi and the emergence of non-financial smart contracts, the scalability of public chains, represented by Ethereum, is being increasingly challenged. Although technologies such as POS and sharding can improve the throughput rate to a certain extent, the root cause of congestion still exists in the long... [Read More]